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Welcome to g to mg, our article about how to convert grams to milligrams. If you have been searching for how many milligrams are in a gram, g in mg, mg per g, or if you typed the alternative spelling grammes to milligrammes in your favorite search engine, then you are right here as well. The International System of Units (SI) symbol for gram is g, and for milligram we use the abbreviation mg. Keep reading to learn all about the gram to milligram conversion, and have a look at our mass converter further below on this page.

How many Milligrams are in a Gram

A gram is one thousandth of a kilogram, and one gram equals one thousand milligrams. Thus, we can answer how many milligrams in a gram in the following ways:

1 g = 103 mg
1 g = 1000 mg
1 gram = thousand milligrams

The grams to milligrams ratio is 1:1000; this means that each gram is equivalent to the mass of thousand milligrams. In order to convert g to mg we have to multiply the mass in mg by 1000.

The gram to milligram formula is [mg] = [g] × 1000. For example, 7 g = 7 × 1000 g = 7000 mg. You may convert any mass easily by using our g to mg converter in the next section of this page.

Insert the mass in grams, using a decimal separator in case of fractions. Our g to mg calculator then does the math automatically for you, without the need to hit a button.

G to MG Converter

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Our tool is a child’s play. Just observe that if you press the blue button, then our g to mg converter changes to a milligrams to grams converter.

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Grams to Milligrams

We have already taught to you the formula to convert the metric system unit of mass grams to milligrams, and besides that, you have our converter at your disposal.

However, there is one more way of changing grams to milligrams: Make use of our search form in the sidebar, or towards the end of this page if you are using a mobile device.

You can look up terms including, for instance, x g to mg conversion, x grammes in milligramme, or x gram milligram, provided that x stands for your mass in g.

Among many other forms, x grams to milligrams conversion or x g mg will also work. Try it out now entering, for instance, x g into mg.

In the final paragraph of this page about the conversion of g to mg you can find some FAQs in the context, followed by the summary of our content.

G in MG

In the context of g in mg, the frequently asked questions include, for example:

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This depiction sums g in mg up:

g to mg

If you have found our page looking for how to convert g to mg, conversion g mg, or convert g into mg, then you have also learned what you have been looking for. Finally, here’s all about g to mg.

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